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Friday, November 2, 2012

Controlling my fatherly anger.

This morning I got the shock of my life. I was in bed sleeping and my wife had gotten up to get ready for work. Normally she fixes her breakfast and then gets out 8 month old daughter up for daycare. I had previously gotten up to use the toilet and just to pop my head in and see them. (Mainly because my daughter was shouting a little bit and I didn't want her to wake up the neighbors) So after that I went to lye back down when all of a sudden I hear my wife start saying "no no" and sounds of her surprised over something. Amongst that I heard a loud thump an that was followed by cries. Apparently, my 8 month old had falling from her changing table onto the floor. I came rushing to see what the problem was and I was of course concerned with what happened but I was so afraid that I began losing my cool. Shortly after my wife calmed our daughter down, we call the emergency doctor and they told us that if she is smiling and laughing (which she was cause I was trying to comfort her in my own silly way) then there was nothing to worry about. After examine her head and neck for any other unseen injuries my wife drove the baby to daycare. I do realize that I was a bit hard on my wife and I only do it because it was something that I couldn't control. I know that my wife means well and if by chance she is reading this I want her to know that I love her not matter what. I am totally sorry for chewing her head off. The father protector in me doesn't like when ANYTHING happens to its offspring.