Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Been Gone for Far To Long

Well you know how the old saying is...and if you don't know then tough bananas for you. It appears that I have been away for sometime and thus I am back but I can see that no one really missed me nor this site and that's okay.

Well there has been so many things that have happened since the last entry.

The Good News:

We finally moved out of the old and infected apartment and into a bigger and better one. Its funny how we have already explained that we would not be paying for the last month rent to our owner and yet he still sent us a bill expecting it to be. Well see if that get resolved in court.

Jasmin has begun walking! I am truly amazed at how she has progressed. Lately she has been learning to shake her head No. Although she has no clue what this means, she thinks she is given a answer and sometimes she is and other its just silliness.

Flagfootball season has started up again and yours truly is back at the QB position yet again. I have been focus a bit on my accuracy. We've only have two training days and both of those days I consider rusty due to the winter break.

Talks about heading to Florida have begun. This year, my in-laws are going to come with us. That way they can meet my mom. I will admit I am a bit nervous about this but I know if I don't nip it now they (in-laws) will never get a chance to save up and see her. Its more so that Jasmin is bigger now and she can also have fun with grandma and mormor/morfar. This will also give us a chance to go about and do somethings without the worry of babysitting. Because we all know, all those fun things you wanted to do you can't do with a 1 year old at your ankles.

The Bad News:

I am still unemployed  I have gone out to a temp agency place and thought I had a great job lined up, but the guy that I had the interview with has let me down and now I am on a waiting list that never looks like I will get called. I am back to writing 5-6 job applications a day and its truly getting on my last nerves. Just like to talks about taking a education is starting to drive me insane. I know it the right call but how would you feel if you had to take a education where the language and culture are different?

My goal with my weight loss has failed mainly because of the hard winter we have had the last few weeks. I have started to get some type of sore throat every day and night. Making it harder for me to breathe and swallow. My doctor thinks I am some type of hypochondriac but I know my body and what I am feeling is not in my head.

I have been accepted by my daughter to start putting here to bed. Now you might be thinking what is so bad about that. It means that my wife would be able to go on this 3 to 5 days business trips and I would be alone with her. Its bad enough that I really just don't have the patience but my wife handles those problems better than I do. Now that is not so say that she can't go out and have fun, but Jas has a way that when I put her down it the end of the world and all my wife has to do is come in a put her hand on her chest and shes out cold in 10 min.

My fan page is dying so slowly. I have had a great run since I have started Favorite Vlogger (no longer Yours) but I have to start singing and dancing to get your attention. It makes things so hard when no one interacts. I have done it all. Picture, Twitter, Instagram, Streaming, you name it I am pretty sure I have tried it. Thus why this has been brought back from the dead.  But again. I can see that you never missed it or me. I guess another 2½ month there will be some interest when I do another. But in the meantime you can look at the new style and directions I have gone with the youtubing.

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