Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I am doing Twitter Wrong?

In today's social media, there is so much going on it could pass you by if your not up to speed with the way it works.  I was the type that though "I will never have a MySpace account. Because of the weirdos and wacks that try to snatch you up off the internet or hack into your personal information because your putting it out there to be seen" and I stood strongly by that. Then I met my wife who had one but wasn't into it much. Not long before that came facebook. Now again I stood strong footed but after a while got sucked into. (and not by Farmville. Wasn't even around at that time) Not the reason I gave into facebook was because I was leaving for another land. Leaving all my friends and family behind and needed some way to keep in contact with them.

That was 2007. Fast foward 5 years now. I have a Twitter, Blogger, HootSuit, FourSquare, Socialcam, Youtube, Instagram, and Tumblr. And out of all of those, twitter is the one I can't seem to understand.I send out all these tweets (and yes I use hashtags and all that other stuff when sending) but I very rarely get any response back. I do have some followers (if any real then the rest are all bots) and then there are some that I follow. (like NFL,ESPN,Basketball, Gamer, the usual man stuff....yes that involves some adult stuff too. Don't judge me) But, now I am starting to notice, some of my followers get their tweets retweeted by "Nancy-nobodies" and others get responses and likes. So my question is, HOW DOES THIS WORK!?! do I have to tweet a picture of my manhood (like Kanye) or what?

While we are on the topic of Social Media, all those that I have mentioned above I am apart of and would like if you would follow. Not to make my head big or anything. I would like to know my audiance and what they like/dislike from what I am doing. Many of them are in the links to the right of this, but others I have not posted so much and I am sorry for that. So here they all are for you enjoyment.

FourSquare: Des Collins
Socialcam: Des Collins
Instagram: des_ac
Tumblr: des_ac

and now that I think about it there is a little bonus I would like to present to you all. Since I spend about 75% of my time bullshitting on my Iphone, I would like to ask if you would add me your list on Game Center if you have it. I am ~Des 99~ Thanks alot!

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