Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Week Ahead of Me

Well as many of you know, this past Thursday, I got laid offed from my job. I am not to pleased about it. But I am aware that there is nothing I can really do. Today was probably the first day I smiled about anything in a long time since the news.

Now, I look forward just to hear back from people that are looking for employees to work. And let me tell you its not as easy as it sounds. But I am putting all my efforts and talents into finding something as soon as possible but I am aware (again) that its not just going to fall into may lap.

For those of you that are wondering about me continuing to "Google Hangout Streams" yes I will continue to do them. But please take not it will only be AFTER my kid is asleep and it will be on a microphone to keep her from waking it. (Her bedroom is right next to our living room)

But enough of the boring shit that you already know about. I will inform you that I have been involved in a new game app on my Iphone called "Mindfued" Just like wordfued but only with monkeys and different shapes and colors. Something I can not explain but its pretty neat. So if you fancy a game please feel free to send me an invite. (Des_1999)

Another thing I have to look forward to, is that tomorrow I go into surgery. Nothing fancy it just for my toenails  Now I know it sounds like nothing but best believe I have my toenails removed in the past and it sort of hurts. But this time around I am getting both of them taken off an hopefully they will not return so jacked up and painful like before. If your one of those types that Like to see gross stuff on youtube, (and be honest, we all have look or searched for "biggest zit" or "boil" removed on their) you can feel free to watch on old vid I took when it got done a few years ago.

On top of that my kiddo starts her first swimming lesson and then her first day of daycare on Tuesday. So i guess its not all that bad huh?!

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