Thursday, August 30, 2012

Worst Day EVAR!!

Today started out normal like any other day. I got up and did my daily morning routine. I stopped by the gas station and even got cheap gas today. My body hurt a little form training on Wednesday night, but it did stop me from coming into the office.

Normally on this day I would have eaten morning bread with the rest of the people but they had already started, so I just joined them and chatted for a bit.

After that I came to my desk and did the normal routine of checking email and seeing what I had to do today.
There wasn't much so I make best of what I could do by double checking another assignment that I had been working on. After a while, I felt really tired and could feel a small cold coming over me. So, right before lunch I had deiced I would go home and I did.

After a 25 minute drive back home I when in to bedroom to rest, but only to be woken up by the alert from my Iphone. It was my boss and she wanted me to come in for a meeting at 2. Frustrated, I put my clothes back on and drove back out to the office only to be told today I would be terminated.

Now, I had been expecting it for sometime since the company is firing people to say money, but for it to come this fast took my breathe away. Now, I am to what I use to do before I moved to Jylland. I feel like I will never find another job that is so great like the one I had. Nothing will even come close. I guess I can make time to find something on most of the job sites, but you know how that goes!

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  1. You will find something just as great, if not better. All in time. Try to stay positive )as hard as that may be)