Thursday, August 16, 2012

So, how should I take this comment? Re: TwitvlogsDK

So many of you know that I have been a vlogger since 2008. Now at that moment in time I was work hard but hadn't had a chance to get my name out in the community and the world hard enough. So someone dropped me a message saying to check out this group of vloggers out on twitter called twitvlogsdk. So sure enough I found them and worked very hard to understand their mission and the way that they were doing things. Now it's 2012. I have been following this group for 4 years. Now i didn't interact much with them on Facebook because I didn't feel I was good enough and that they would look at my blogs and be dubbed as "scrub". But all that changed just a few minutes ago. I wanted to get in touch with these guys and finally put myself into the spotlight. So I wrote them under the YFV facebook page only to get this in return.

As you can see, apparently you have to be a Dane in order to join the group. It's not enough that you share the same things in common. Oh no. You have to be a Dane. Now I've already taken in that maybe they just didn't know that I vlog. But it's kind hard to understand when I have commented in just about EVERY video that have placed up. I find it funny how they wouldn't know if I was active on twitter or not because the never seemed to wanted to follow me back.

I am wrong for seeing it in a negative light? I mean I find it a bit odd that the moment I made a charge, they wanted to shut the door and close it down. I normally let things slide off my back like water but I'm calling bullshit on this one. There are more than just Danes here. I bet if the shoe was In the other foot and we played the "Only American" card people would criticize the hell out of us for doing it. If your Danish and your reading this, I would like to get a better understanding.

UPDATE: just now they have written me back and say that they are breaking the group up and that they will not return. This is what I call some "funny business"

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