Sunday, August 5, 2012

Football and Football

I can't count how many arguments I have had with people here in Denmark about which sport is greater! I great up on American Football just like so many have grew up with soccer over here. But the main benefactor for me was that I had never been to a game....UNTIL NOW!! Yesterday my father-in-law got free tickets to go to a match and this was the one opportunity I had to actually go. (I know that there is a stadium in Randers but I never hear anything about giving away free tickets or anything) Now the main complaint is that there are many breaks in american football. OF COURSE THERE ARE IF YOUR WATCHING IT ON TV. but if you go to a live football game you'll notice that the breaks/commercials are only for the people that are broadcasting it. I mean they have to earn their money too.  Now I will admit sitting and watching this match there was no breaks at all. But it took over 87 minutes before the first score came about. (which is what your seeing above) I will admit too that I don't know much about the rules or the strategy behind what the players should or shouldn't be doing but it made the match a little drawn out. I think the most exciting (now granted there are other game where I know if I was there it could have been more exciting) was when players get caution Yellow/red cards. If it was on the home team of course the crowd doesn't like it and boos the hell out of the ref, and yet if its on the other team they cheer. Stuff like that reminds me of NFL. But I won't bash it any longer. I remember saying once I moved here that I would never EVER go to a soccer game because it was just to boring. I guess I was wrong on that account, and for that I am sorry Denmark. :)

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