Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whats New? YFV UPDATE!

I know that it might seem that I have been MIA for q few days or so, but things are going somewhat down hill in my life. Now it has nothing to do with my baby or wife. OH no! but it has to do with my job. As of Thursday (last week) they made a huge announcement that they were still in a case of "firing round" and the estimate number of people getting laied off was around 1,400. Now I am not at liberty to say the mane of my job (for fear that even putting the name in this could cause someone to read it and then I would reall have to explain myself) but we can all honestly agree, that this isn't good. The fact of the matter is that its even more scary for my wife who is actually hired there full-time compared to me who is part-time. So it safe to say that no company would fire a mother for spending time with their child but at the same time it could leave them to say that she has been away from the company so long that shes not update with where the company is heading or what they have been doing. If the bread winner gets canned then its not good for all of us. But before you say "what don you go out and look for a job?" I can honestly answer you back and say that I am. But its been a wave of "we have found a better person to full-fill the position", so it back to the drawing board.

But let take a negative into a positive. We have found a daycare for my little one! We were a bit panicked for a while because the government was sending us out to places that we didn't really have time to drive out of our own town just to turn around and pass through it again to go to work. But a few days later, we got a call back and found one that was five minutes away. Jas will start next Monday, plus on top of that it will be her first day of swimming lessons, which we are very excited for. Lately, she has been kicking all over the place. She hasn't yet begun to crawl but shes in the phase were she rolls from back to stomach at will and in the blink of an eye. All of this will be happening the same day I go in to surgery to get my big toes operated on. (both nails are getting removed)

In the meantime. I have been having tons of fun just "hanging out" If you not hip to the logo, basically I have been doing a lot of Googles "hangout" streams. It mainly have been a few fellow followers that has stuck with this blog and production and I hope that they will tell many other friend and help populate the stream. Mainly it has been a lot of talk about how things are going for me n Denmark or many question about culture differences. When it not serious talk, there is always some fun by find stuff on Youtube and other sites. If you the reader are interested in joinning in on the fun you could always leave a email on here or on youtube and when the next stream begins then I can send a email invite to the stream. By checking out the video below you can get a taste of what goes on.

So that is it from YFV camp. I hope you haven't think I have abandon this project. I have been planning some big time projects in the near future where you will be taking a journey with me as I begin "YFV BL" In the next few blogs I will go into futhre expenation of this then. Thanks for hanging in there if you have been here from the start and stay tuned!


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  1. We are so many fighting to get back into a job, so I understand it is hard, When I apply for a teaching position there is usally from 100 -1000 applicants, so it ishard out there I know from former colleagues, they have to run twice as fast as before the economic crash, so just to have a job is something, even if it is only part time.
    I don´t know jow your workplace is, but I know some of my friends now have to teach 36 or more children in the same classroom. sorry just saying it difficult at the moment, the last time so many people where unemployed was 1930´s europe, and we so don´t want to repeat what happend at that time in history, yes I am affraid of what will happen in europe Greece going backrupt closely followed by spain and Italy, the collaps of the euro, admittet it is worst case but we seen it so many times before in europes history, so have we learned anything is my big question. oh sorry site track, just wanted to say it hard but hang in there, because: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PzL8aL6jtI&feature=related