Friday, August 10, 2012

What's with being the "First" of something?

There are some things man are suppose to be first to. Tickets for a concert, when the bank opens, even when your getting some action in the bedroom, its still okay to be first in these situations. But when you basically "stalk" someone youtube video or page just to be the first comment, THAT'S REALLY STUPID. I mean all the hard work I put in to a video and the only thing you can comment on about it is that your bragging because your the first person to leave a comment. I wonder who came up with this concept?

I watch the entire video from start to finish. Because it sparks my interest. And I actually leave a 2 sentence comment because I want to let the tuber know that I think their video was worth something. So many great youtubers have deleted or ban people because if this non-sense, and I can understand why. If your a tuber (like myself) what do you do when you get someone that plays the "first" comment game on your video? Leave your comments.

Oh, BTW, if you haven't already seen the video where I interviewed folks in Denmark about the leader of DF leaving you can now do so on the youtube channel. Have a great weekend everyone.


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