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Monday, August 13, 2012


ITS BACK! Thats right! You know you have been waiting for it just like me. From the last play of SuperBowl every (american) gets a little sad when football season ends! But after a great summer and other great sports (like NBA) have come and gone, the NFL season starts up again!

I am very excited for this year because Tampa Bay has got a lot of new toys to work with this year beside a new headcoach! I was a little worried about the running game buck if Blount cant get the job done then we can count on our new back.

But overall, there is one thing I am not glad for when the NFL season begins. As many of you know, I live in Denmark and I am glad that they have a group that can cover the NFL. But this group of 3 (on TV3+) are one of the WORST bunch of commentaries I have heard in....well forever!
Now 2 of the three I can deal with but this one see above you, is the worst of the worst. At times he tries almost too hard to be "PrimeTime" by making his own little skit called "TommyTime". Now I will admit he has about 5% flair in front of the camera but yet when there is action on the field, he thinks he knows the penalty calls and they are way off and he screams like he's falling out of a tree onto a bed of spikes. In the beginning they had someone by the name of "Bubba" who KNEW what he was talking about when he was asked. Unlike this "wannabe" clown who chimes in when no one really ask him anything...but this was not meant to be negative towards him it was meant to say THAT FOOTBALL IS BACK! AND BOY AM I HAPPY!

Who do you think will be in the SuperBowl this year? Who is your favorite team?


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