Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just because...

There are somethings I have notice since moving here to Denmark people do "just because" they can and the do it without any reasoning behind it. Here are just some of my worst pet peeves that drive me crazy and the overall comment from it is well..."just because"

  • Avoiding pay parking
Now for those of you that don't know, Denmark has this thing where in most areas (sometimes in the main center of a town) you have to pay to park. The concept is pretty simple. But in the general area where I live at there is this private area where parking is mainly used for the residents that live there. But I have noticed time after time and day after day people ignore this warning that is clearly in from before you drive into the area that this is only for the residents. And for what to get out of paying 15 kroner because your going to go work out or you going to go screw around in the town. (you know your not going to buy anything) But now when I come home or the hard working others (or hardly working) people come home they hope to find the same spot or if not close to where they left this morning, but this is a lost cause. Need I remind you all that in Randers there is a HUGE parking house just less than 5 minutes from Centrum. Why would you need to come and park in a place where others live at? so you can save 15 kroner but yet you'll go and spend 350 on other things?

  • Driving on the motorway (highway)
Now this is one of the worst things that bring out road rage in me. And normally I don't let road rage get to me but some how it does because of asshole drivers. Now in Denmark there are many speed limits. you have a set speed when you incoming to a town (110 km) and you have a set when you leaving and just out on the highway. (130 km) Now lately, summer has ended and a lot of people are early to rise up in the morning to beat the morning traffic. Just this morning I got up at 6:45 so that I could get out of Randers early as possible. There is this car in from of me that just took off after a right turn and blew by a red-light doing at lease 65. Not wanting to stop he could have made things a lot hectic if he'd drove into someone. And to make matters worst, Denmark is know for it windmill so every once in a while your going to come across and big transport truck carrying a windmill blade. This truck is HUGE and thus takes a lot of space. Now on the danish highway you only have 2 lanes. The left lane is only used for passing. Thus leaving the right lane for controlled and save driving. But if your in the left lane driving under the pace of the rest you going to get someone that drives right up in behind you. If they are nice they might not do anything but 9 or 10 you get that asshole that will flash you and yet not realize that there is a HUGE as 16 wheeler that if it is hit could cause many injuries and death. Even if you get over to let them pass they are driving 150 km which is hella dangerous. The top (safe) speed is 130 km. Where the hell are you going in such a hurry?

For those that are reading this leave your comments about what bothers you? Are these minor or can you relate? Also please make sure you tune into the 24 stream next week. It could be changing venues thus making things a lot easier. Hope to see you in the next blog.


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