Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting pooped on Live Tv.

Yesterday, while I was up with my daughter watching the show Go'Morgen Denmark, one of the famous announcers by the name of Michèle Bellaiche was doing a bit on about fashion when all of a sudden she looks up after something hits her. Sure enough it wasn't rain. But you might be wondering why am I blogging about this? Denmark (to me) is the #1 leader in Bloopers. Ever since I have seen one video from way back when, I have had the highest respect for live tv from the land. (search under Tv2 Fucked Up)

I have watched this at least over 500 times and laughed myself in to a breathless mess. I am right in to the TV when TV2 does there end of the year Bloopers as well. I know some of them aren't as funny but you got to admit, you guys go above and beyond when it comes to live TV errors, miscues, or the most funnest line (which to this date is still funny to me) "hvornår har du sidst haft rejsning?" Dear God! If something like that was said in the states they would have "BLEEPED" it out and never would have know. So if there is a "BEST COUNTRY TV BLOOPER award, hands down, Denmark win. You guys make tv so watchable!

In the meantime, I would like to give a round of shoutouts to the on going people that have subbed and left comments on my video. But what I am going to do is just start copying and pasting what I think the best comments I see and thus you'll get a shoutout. I know its only Tuesday and I already have at least 25 comments to sort through. Here is the best I have seen that made me smile and glad I am vlogging.

Nice to see you refer to it as football instead of soccer in your headline. But it's no good in the description below! ;)
You can get Pop Tarts in Super Best ;)
Syntes det er rigtig fedt at se din videoer !
I think I will remind you that Lithuania basketball team is not bad. And i actually think they beat US last Olympic games ore some Olympics ago. (I think) And you are right! Wi are so proud of the 8 medals wi have now. No.16 of all the country's so far. So that is good and I hope wi win 1 ore 2 more. Great blog once again :)

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