Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to the YFV Blogger!

It's your favoritevlogger here. I have tried this Blogger thing in the past and it didn't go well but now I am giving it another try. If you new to this you can always get updated by going to my YouTube page. By clicking HERE it will take you straight there.

By the way my name, well I don't know half or all of you that follow me or even care, but I gave everything I had in the states to move here to be with a danish girl and things have worked out to the highest of highs! If you really want to know who I am you can check me out on my Facebook page by clicking HERE. Please try not to bombard me with the invites. Since I don't know many of you (and I would love to get to understand am meet all my fans) don't take it personal if I don't friend accept you right away.

I have picked up the hobby of vlogging since I begin watching YouTube videos. Some have brought me great success while other are yet to be discovered. Overall, I would like to be come a YouTube partner but this task requires some ass kissing (in a lack of better words) I do know that some say that Denmark can't get sponsorship but I have found others that have earned the so called Non-Sponsorship. So with that being said, if they can achieve it, so can I.

Well I guess I have rambled for much of the day. Who knows who is going to read or find this interesting, let alone me. But I hope that you will become a follower and stay and board and take part in my adventure of life. Thanks you so much for taking time out to learn a little bit about me. Hope I haven't disappointed nor bored you! :D

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