Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why not Reply? Too Good Youtube Partners?!

Now, one of the thing that bothers me a lot is people that ask you do something but but can't answer back. It drives me absoulty crazy.

I guess I'll start out with the recent one I am bothered by. This kid is a great youtube. I like the idea that he has started a "Ask Me" like channel which brings in the views. Now what he also does is that he informs his audience that he has one of the those Google things where you can post a question to him. Brilliant  Awesome, Genus! I got nothing agaisnt you when it comes to getting the people to flock to you. But what I do have a issue is when you (basically) run us over with that you want us to send in the questions to you but yet you never answer and of the GOOD ones. The last few months I have noticed that questions that he answers are becoming more and more stupider (I know stupider isn't a word) The first was when was his first gaming console, then about Iphone apps (which I admit was ok) but then from that moment it just went downhill. They (his audience) start asking about what he eats, how he farts, etc etc. Now I am starting to realize that his audience is about the same age as he is and should have expected something like this. I submitted 1 question that doesn't even really take much to think about. But apparently him telling them what his farts smells like is so much more important. GO FIGURE!

Now I know that guys (and gals) can't just sit by the PC and answer every question but why beat your audience over the head with a club about sending in the question when you your not going to answer the question that actually are serious questions. It makes no sense for you to make a 15+ minute youtube video about non-sense with your farts.

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