Friday, September 14, 2012

You know my child?

Lately, besides worrying about trying to find a job to keep my family out of debt or have my wife work crazy hours to keep us in the green, I have had to worry about other people trying my nerves about my kid.

Take for example, at this moment I am some where else and my little mama just got done eating half of her dinner and a bottle. So it goes to let her be along with her toys on the floor for a while and try not to shake her up because she will instantly bring it back up and we all know that when it comes back up its a bitch to clean up off them and the floor or where ever they are at.

So in the meantime, someone picks her up and begins "playing" superhero and turning her in the air. Of course I know that they are just trying to have fun with her and all but earlier they came in being all loud while my wife was trying to put her to sleep. Coming home from a long day of work is one thing but when you come home and your being all loud (when you know at the time your coming home is the time the child is trying to sleep)

So, it comes with the territory when I am annoyed when people just don't wanna hear what your (in this case  me) trying to tell them and that they think that they have all the knowledge in the world when it comes to something that they have no clue about. am I wrong for a having this thought process when it comes to something I have been in contact with all majority of its life? Help me out here? Would Like to know your thoughts. Leave the comments below on the page or leave on the facebook fan page as well.

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