Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bizarre Compliments

There is nothing like getting told that you look good, you've been working out and it shows, or just whatever is told to you that makes you feel all warm and toasty inside.

But the other day I was with some friends and one of them told me about a compliment that I thought was sort of backhanded. What I mean by that is its a compliment on one hand but it has some negativity on the other side. With that being said I when into facebook and starting looking for some that was posted on a page. Here are some of the most oddest "backhanded compliments" I have ever hear.

I am 6 months pregnant- a woman stopped me and said "oh hunny your so tiny, when are you due" I said December and she says "oh you have a long way to go you will get fat"

Sitting in the corner of town center mall food court (10yrs ago) I had finished nursing my newborn son. I noticed a women staring at me. She walks over and says, "he's beautiful! Is he yours? He doesn't resemble you too much" I informed her that I was the Town Center wet nurse and random people use my services when shopping prevents them from breast feeding their babies.

I was about 16 and working at the Rapids Water Park. One day a very large man walked up and said, "Ay girll yous got some nice teef"

I have dwarfism and I had a random stranger come up to me and say. "God bless you. You are a reminder that life could be worse. I could be a midget."

I was at my sons football game and a dad on our same team came up to me and said "gee your son is really good" of course I say thank you. He then says he's a big boy. Then the guys says must of helped for him to have a big mom like you 

I'm "KFC" finger lickin' good

My obgyn, he said i had nice looking u know what

I was walking into the circkle k gas station with my son when this guy opened the door for us then said "you know you want my child support check too"

 I love the peach fuzz on your face

That I resemble Casey Anthony

On my first OB visit for being pregnant my Dr says "well I hope your breastfeeding so ur baby will NEVER go hungry.."

Someone at a grocery store said" I couldn't help notice how beautiful u are.... I love your cellulite

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