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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Unemployment is so Annoying

Well, like I promised, going to talk about being unemployed.

Its been a little over a month in a half since my boss told me I have been released by the company and will not have my contract renewed. Since then I have (or I should say my wife) spent over 2 to 3 hours A DAY, looking for jobs. The problem is that not that there aren't any. Believe me, when we go onto jobnet.dk  there are a shit load of jobs. Whats annoying is that we have sent in over 10 application (give or take) a week. Now the american in me feels very stupid. I should be the type that is able to land a job with their eyes closed, but yet when I have to wait 3½weeks for these people (and that is definitlty not the term I use) to write a email back and say "oh we have over 200 other applicants and we are sorry to say that it is not you but what we will do is keep you things on file.." it gets REALLY annoying. So what am I applying for you might ask,

  • Storage
  • productions (factories)
  • Customer Service (not the best but its there)
  • hospital (nothing surgery)
  • admin/IT (cause I am really good with computers. Just not Networking/coding)
  • secretary
  • international
  • janitorial (the high class low)
and many others that if I looked into our mailbox right now you would see so many applications and CV's I have sent and some I haven't even heard word back from them.

So this has prompt me to become a little bit worried. I really don't want to lose our car and bank loans. But the way things are starting to spiral downward right now I am not even looking forward to my own 32 birthday. Why? because the gift(s) that I want would cost money that we don't have. Whats even worst is the thought of our kid being taking out of daycare because we cant cover the cost to have her in there. And that would me I would have to sit and watch her (the baby) while mommie goes to work and you already know my torerance is not up to that level just yet.

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  1. I know there was a place you could pay so they could look for a job instead. There is also a place you can apply to after u have worked for a year so u get the same money for 5 yrs after u lost ur job (like if the factory has closed or stuff like that).